STEP -1 Create VPC

Create VPC using the following Information

Name: VPC-ASG-Demo

IPv4 CIDR block :

Tenancy : Default

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STEP -2 Create Two Subnets in different availability Zones

Publicsubnet1 with CIDR (US-east -1a)
Publicsubnet2 with CIDR (US-east -1b)
Under VPC : Mention VPC ASG- DEMO for both subnets

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STEP -3 Create Internet Gateway

Name tag : VPC-ASG-Demo-IG

Now attach the Internet gateway to the VPC

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STEP -4 Modify the main route table to add route for internal gateway

Go to Route Table, under Route tab select Edit Routes

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Under edit route , Add new route with the following information and save


Target: VPC-ASG-Demo-IG

Click Save Routes

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STEP -5 Associate both the subnets to the main route table

Now we need to associate the routes to the subnets. Go to the subnets tab and select edit subnets

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Subnet Associations

Select Both subnets and associate by clicking the save button as shown below

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Associate subnets

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